Travel tips for summer: how to keep working out even when you’re away from home

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May 8, 2017
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May 9, 2017

Travel tips for summer: how to keep working out even when you’re away from home

It’s almost summer time – and you know what that means! Traveling, trips, and time away from home with family and friends. If you’re wondering how to still get your workouts in while on the road, read on and we’ll offer some tips.

Drop into a CrossFit gym

If you’ve got at least 3 months of CrossFit under your belt, typically most gyms will allow you to drop-in and workout with their classes. Below is a quick list of how to find a gym as well as proper drop-in etiquette.

1. Do a quick Google search for “crossfit in <zip code or city>”

2. Check out the websites of the first few crossfit gyms that show up in the search results. You’re looking for a few things as you peruse their site. First, is the website fresh-looking, inviting, informative, and easy to navigate? Second, do they keep their WOD blog updated? Third, can you find info about their drop-in policy? These days, websites are a business’s window to the world, so this first impression usually says a lot about who they are, how they run their physical facility, and how your experience will be once you go there.

3. Once you find a good website, if the gym does allow drop-ins, send them an email or call to let them know that you’re planning to drop-in at <date, time>. Always give at least 24 hours notice as a nice heads up so they can be prepared for you.

4. Show up 10-15 mins early to class to fill out their waiver.

5. Be friendly and introduce yourself to the coach, front desk folks, and other athletes you come across. Share where you’re from, your home gym, how long you’ve been CrossFitting, etc.

6. Pay the drop-in fee, work hard, and have a really good time! All of us CrossFitters are part of a much larger global CrossFit community. Enjoy it!

7. Some gyms won’t charge you a drop-in fee in lieu of you purchasing a t-shirt from them. If that is the case, make sure to purchase one! Support local, small businesses.

8. Thank them for having you. If you liked your experience with them, write them a review on Facebook or Google. It’s always nice to have that support from the community.

Do a travel WOD on your own

Ask us before you head out on your trip, and we’ll give you some travel workouts you can do at your hotel or wherever your travels take you (e.g., to a park, etc.). Set aside 45 minutes to an hour in the morning before you head out for the day, and get your workout in! Here are a few travel WODs we love:

WOD 1:


Run for 2-3 mins

25 air squats

20 sit-ups

15 push-ups

4 Samson lunge stretches on each leg

20 large arm circles forward

20 large arm circles backward


For time:

100 push-ups

100 air squats

Break up the reps however you want. For example, if you wanted, you could do 10 rounds of 10 and 10 or 2 rounds of 50 and 50, et

WOD 2:


Run for 5 mins at an easy 50% jog pace

20 air squats

15 push-ups

10 sit-ups

5 inch-worms


For Time:

100 air squats

90 sit-ups

80 mountain climbers (each leg = 1 rep)

70 walking lunges

60 second plank hold

50 burpees

40 hand-release push-ups

30 V-ups

20 jumping air squats

10 hollow rocks + 10 supermans (hold for 1 Mississippi and release)


Have a wonderful, safe, and fun summer! And don’t forget to get your WODs in!

-The CrossFit NCS crew