Executive Decision
September 26, 2017
Board Meeting
September 27, 2017

Member Spotlight: Allie Hoewisch

Where are you from? Colorado native (nothing like CO)!

What do you do? I have a masters degree in nursing and work as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I work in an underserved area providing healthcare to indigent low income patients in Southern Colorado.

How’d you hear/find out about CrossFit and how long have you been doing it? What motivated you to give it a try in the first place? My sister told me about CrossFit about 6 years ago. I tried it in 2011 and belonged to a box for about 3 years. I stopped CrossFit to try other exercise regimens and soon discovered nothing really compared. Running and other modes of physical activity did not provide the same results. So, now I am back!

How has CrossFit impacted your life? I preach daily to my patients about weight loss and the importance of staying healthy to avoid diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. CrossFit assists in keeping me physically fit and feeling my best. CrossFit is a mental sport so it keeps the mind strong and definitely builds confidence as well.

What do you enjoy about being a member at CrossFit NCS? I enjoy all the coaches! Their spunk and energy always keep me going.

What’s your favorite workout? Any workout with a time cut-off 🙂

What would your birthday workout be? Anything with cleans and then cake!

Do you have a quote/motto you live by? Kind of corny but true: “Everything in moderation.”

What’s a fun item on your bucket list? Filling my passport with stamps more than once.

What’s something fun/awesome/interesting you’d like people to know about you? While in Alaska, I sat in the wild with kodiak grizzly bears for a few hours. They were pretty friendly!