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February 1, 2018
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February 2, 2018

Member Spotlight: Jachee

Tell us a little about yourself:
Well, in a nutshell, I am originally from the PNW, however I grew up moving all the time due to military. I then joined the army, met the husband, had my kids, got out, and now I am a stay at home mom for the moment until the tiny people are a little older.
How did you get into Crossfit:
After avidly staying away from it for 3 years, I hit a moment in my life when I moved back to The Springs while my husband was deployed, that I decided I needed something new in my life. Something that I would be able to do and still have my kids with me. I also heard the siren song when the Games started to become a really big thing to watch. The praise for women with muscles and strength, that really hit home for me. Somewhere I didn’t have to pretend like I was the “weaker gender”.
How has Crossfit changed you outside the gym:
I am a WAY better mom, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Ever since starting Crossfit a year ago I can see the amount of patience I am able to draw upon in regards to my kids has multiplied tremendously. Not only that but now I can stay on the floor with them to play, I can hold awkward positions when doing something for them, and it doesn’t hurt my body.
What makes Crossfit NCS unique:
There are two main things that make NCS unique for me. Number 1 and foremost, I am able to bring my kids with me to the gym and not have to worry about someone watching them. That was a dealmaker for me. Number 2, is the community. I have never been anywhere else that has this sense of community. No matter what the fitness level of different athletes, everyone is incredibly supportive of each other just getting to the gym.
What is your favorite workout or lift:
The Snatch. I absolutely love everything about the beauty and struggle of a snatch. There is nothing like that moment when you are sitting in the bottom of your squat with that bar overhead and everything went perfectly and you cant help but just smile. After 3 solid months of day in and day out, working on my technique and form, I know its still not perfect but I am the most confident when I go to do a snatch lift. It just feels aggressively pretty!
What words do you live by:
That’s a tough question. I find that my motto changes daily. Therefore the most reoccurring words at the moment for me are “Everyone has an off day. Shake it off and restart tomorrow.”