Member Spotlight: Emily and James
February 13, 2018
February 13, 2018

Member Spotlight: Casey and Lindsey

Casey and Lindsey are an absolute pleasure to be around. Usually, you can find Casey lifting ALL the weights and Lindsey can be found working to smash a tough metcon. They both make the world a better place and we are lucky to have these two as part of the CrossFit NCS community. Sit back, grab some popcorn (Paleo, of course) and enjoy learning more about these two rockstars.

How did you two meet?
Casey: Tinder. Booty call gone permanent.
Lindsey: Short version: Tinder … uhhh I mean, Cupid 😉
Long version: I lived in Denver at the time and I was (bored) on a conference call. I opened my Tinder app and started swiping left on all of Denver …then lo and behold some handsome man (Casey) popped up. He was driving through Denver on his way to Moab, he swiped right and so did I – It was a match! I’m still happy he made that trip without it I might never have found him.

Do you have any nicknames for each other that you’d like to share?
Casey: Linds, LP, Sexy pants
Lindsey: I call him Case or Sweets mostly … sometimes he’s a real gem and I call him poop nugget!

How did you get into CrossFit:
Casey: A friend called me fat. In his defense, I was pushing 260 lbs.
Lindsey: Casey. I resisted for nearly 2 years! When we bought our house I saw Crossfit NCS 5 min away, and after Casey tested the waters, I finally agreed to check it out. Once I made it through my first class (ok, maybe the first week) I was sold!

What does the perfect Valentine’s Day workout look like for you two?:
Casey: There is a wod named Lindsey, right? That’s what I would do.
Lindsey: Hahah, my mind is in the gutter. However, I’d say squats – front, back, overhead, we both like squatting. For a METCON, partner sit ups with the ball, thrusters, pushups and box jumps – keep moving!

How has CrossFit changed you outside the gym:
Casey: Increased confidence, health, and overall well-rounded fitness
Lindsey: I’m always sore & I eat A LOT. It has also given me more confidence and has increased my strength.

What is your favorite workout or lift?
Casey: Clean & Jerks
Lindsey: I love wall balls and I’m learning to like snatches. I really enjoy our long partner WODs on the weekends where you can really push past your limits and wear yourself out.

What’s it like at your house after a tough workout?
Casey: Extracting Linds from her overly-tight sports bra so she can shower, make food and give me a back rub. Love ya Linds.
Lindsey: Well, first we think food. Followed by a throughout assessment of our performance, and complaining about whatever is sore that day. Usually I find some part of Casey draped over me suggesting I rub it.

Editor’s note: Keep it clean.. keep it clean…

Heavy weights or fast paced, heart rate pounding metcon?
Casey: Duh!
Lindsey: I like the fast paced, heart rate pounding metcon with some weights where you think you might throw up or give up but you keep going then you’re really happy about it after!

Does Kryptonite exist for Casey’s superhuman powers?
Casey: Ha! Nope.
Lindsey: Yes! Fried Chicken. Also, his son Cole.

Does Lindsey have any big plans for her newly developed muscle and extreme fitness?
Casey: Probably take over the world so she can indefinitely wear yoga pants.
Lindsey:None that I’m able to share (evil laugh)

What’s your favorite travel destination as a couple?
Casey: We love exploring the world. I don’t think we have been to the same place twice.
Lindsey: I’d say anywhere in the mountains. Casey and I have been on some amazing trips together and enjoy traveling and exploring together.

What words do you live by?
Casey: Determination, tenacity and consistency in everything you do.
Lindsey: Do good.

What makes CrossFit NCS unique?
Casey: The community is great. Watching people progress and conquer their daily obstacles fires me up! Also, the coaches work their butts off to give NCS a positive atmosphere along with individualized instruction/fitness planning which you won’t find at another gym.
Lindsey:The community! I’ve never experienced another CrossFit gym, but NCS feels like home to me. Even when I’ve had a hard/long day or I’m feeling off, I know I can get there and work hard and have positive, hard-working, supportive people around me. I always leave feeling happier, stronger and better.