Success Stories

"Joining CrossFit NCS has been one of the best decisions I've made. Aside from building physical strength, I am also developing my mental toughness and learning to, as the coaches say, 'Stay out of that dark place.' Mind over matter--every day. I am building friendships--not just because we're at the gym on a regular basis together, but because CrossFit encourages us to build community, both inside and outside of the box. I love CrossFit NCS for more than the WODs--it's the community, the feeling of 'home', and the ability to walk in and know that regardless of what happened during the day, my time there is definitely the best hour." -Morgan
"Honestly, at age 43 I believed that I would not be able to get better at sport. I've been a runner all my life, miles and miles and miles have been put on my shoes, knees and hips. 5 marathons and countless 5k’s, 10k’s, 10 milers and half marathons had taken a toll on my joints and my mind. I hurt and I was bored! I figured I’d just have to start walking for exercise... However, for the past 6 months I've become stronger physically and mentally because of CrossFit. I've become part of a community that laughs, sweats, grunts, cheers and supports one another. I am AMAZED at how good I feel every day! I want to work out! I want to sweat and get strong!" -Kendra
"As a personal trainer, I know how important fitness is. Over the years I’ve done a lot of things like weightlifting, figure competition, marathons, triathlons, Boxing, Yoga, Spinning and so on. But I never stuck to anything as much as CrossFit. The main reason for that is the community that CrossFit NCS has created. I've made a lot of new friends. The coaches and all the members are an unbelievable support team. I believe in challenging your body in new ways all the time." -Diana
"I am a better wife and mom when I CrossFit. Having more energy helps me daily and I believe CrossFit gives me that. Being part of a community also matters to me. The members at NCS care about others and always strive to envision themselves better." -Angelina
"After a year of doing Crossfit with this gym, I don't think there is an aspect of myself that hasn't changed. Crossfit NCS changed my physically (-30lbs! and WAY stronger), mentally (confidence in myself skyrocketed), and emotionally (patience both with my kids and in my marriage). I am now doing things I never would have dreamed, which includes the weights I am lifting, about to compete in my second Crossfit competition, and I have found an irreplaceable community. I could not have done this without the mentor ship and support that I have received here at this gym. The camaraderie between coaches and athletes is something I have never experienced elsewhere and it moves me. Moves me to be stronger, work harder, and faster! I cannot wait to see where I will be in yet another year of this!" -Jachee
"I’ve never belonged to a gym – too cheap to spend the money! By my third class I, without hesitation, knew I would join. I try to remember what I was thinking/feeling then – why I didn’t hesitate. The best I can come up with is the energy of the box -- Ray and Steph, you are both so transparent with your journey, mission and passion for CrossFit. It felt like a contagion I wanted to catch... Fitness almost feels like icing on the cake in all of this, even though it’s the reason I’m there... My increased range of motion is something that’s shocked me. I didn’t have it, never have, and nearly five months later, I squat so much further, and now even with weight!" -Colleen
"I was an avid CrossFitter from 2012-2014 while living in Pittsburgh. When I moved to Colorado Springs in 2014 my job required extensive travel. As a result I never went back to CF. I did just enough to pass the Air Force Physical Fitness test. In 2016 after retiring from the AF, my activity level decreased dramatically and my diet was horrendous. In April of 2017 I had gained 15lbs since retiring and an annual doctor’s visit revealed I had pre-diabetes. At 42 years old, I was scared! I knew the quickest way to my previous self was CrossFit. On May 8th 2017, I walked into CFNCS. I told the coaches that despite my previous CF experience, I was going to take it slow to avoid injury. The coaches all supported my approach and encouraged me. I had lost the strength and stamina that I once had and started all over. In July I repeated blood work and it was determined that my A1C level had dropped 6 points and I was no longer classified as pre-diabetic. I also lost 14lbs and my clothes that had been mothballed for years fit again! My strength and stamina are nearly at the levels they once were. CrossFit NCS coaches are the most positive I’ve experienced in my years of CF. It’s a fun and positive community and I’m thankful to be a part of it! I encourage anyone who thinks they can’t do it to give it a try. You won’t find a more supportive coaching staff and community in Colorado Springs!" -Mac