Brynn Stephens

Brynn Stephens

Primary Coach


What do you love most about NCS?
“NCS has such a great community! I am in love with the coach-ability of so many athletes. You all genuinely want to learn how to move better and be healthier. It’s a really exciting thing to see.”

Tell us more about personal training with you!
“Having a personal background with weight loss, hormone issues, research into nutrition (currently taking the PN-1 course), and learning everything I can about lifting, programming and conditioning. I have a passion for working with a person’s strengths instead of working against weakness. Maybe you have goals toward better movement or form, or you want your first pull-up, or you want to fit into a new size; I love being able to sit down one on one and figuring out how I can help you accomplish this!”

What do you love most about being a CrossFit coach?
“Being part of the process that can turn a hard day into an accomplished one or even a less than stellar mindset into something more positive. When an athlete finishes a workout and you can tell they are proud…I get to be a part of that!”

What do you love most about CrossFit?
“CrossFit isn’t just a fad workout routine. It’s a community that inspires people to be better, not just physically, but in every other area of life. Pushing our bodies past comfort, our minds past the limits, and learning what we can really do are things we wouldn’t necessarily learn at a globo-gym. Even the people who finish first can find inspiration from someone finishing last.”

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