Coach Rob

Rob has been in the fitness world since 2012 when he started personal training while finishing school. Rob got his CF L1 in 2013 and has been coaching CrossFit ever since. During this time he also got his USAW Level 1 and Crossfit Mobility certifications while also attending multiple weightlifting seminars to learn from the best in the business.

Rob moved to Colorado in 2016 and was a competitive weightlifter and CrossFitter.



Coach Brynn

NCS has such a great community! I am in love with the coach-ability of so many athletes.

Having a personal background with weight loss, hormone issues, research into nutrition, and learning everything I can about lifting, programming and conditioning. I have a passion for working with a person’s strengths instead of working against weakness. I love being able to sit down one on one and figuring out how I can help you accomplish this!”

My favorite part coaching is being part of the process that can turn a hard day into an accomplished one or even a less than stellar mindset into something more positive. When an athlete finishes a workout and you can tell they are proud…I get to be a part of that!

Adaptive & Inclusive Training
L1 Certified Nutritionist

Coach Smalls

Smalls is a San Antonio, TX native. During his years in high school, he played football primarily and ran track. Shortly after graduating, he followed the family tradition and joined the world’s greatest Air Force. Stationed here at our very own Air Force Academy for 7 years before honorably discharging to return to his education in 2018. He now attends University Colorado – Colorado Springs, pursuing his degree in Exercise Science and a minor in American Sign Language.

CrossFit and the community involved has been his home away home since 2011. What started as a casual need to work on his general fitness and wellness, turned into love for competition, and evolved into a passion to further be involved in the community. Coaching over 6 years, he has had the special opportunity to work with amazing individuals of all athletic ranges. Working with a brand new individual starting their fitness journey and helping a 5-year member, hold the same level of fulfillment for him.

Go Texans!


Coach Jeremy

Jeremy, a Colorado Springs *native, has been a life-long athlete. He began playing football at the age of 8yrs old; he continued to play through college until he tore his ACL in his senior season. Once Jeremy graduated in 2012 with his degree in Exercise Science and Human Performance, he began his career as a personal trainer. He was introduced to Crossfit by a friend in 2013, quickly swallowing the “kool-aid” and hasn’t looked back ever since. Jeremy loved crossfit and its community so much he went on to receive his L1 certification in 2015. Jeremy has a great passion for being able to help people find their fitness. In the gym you can find Jeremy near a barbell snatching; outside the gym you’ll find him playing with and coaching his two loves, Sarah and Kinsley.

“If you can get yourself through the doors, you’ve taken the hardest step.”- Coach Jeremy
BS Exercise Science and Human Performance


Coach Abby

Abby’s athletic career started with cross country and track.  She ran competitively throughout her high school and college career.  After being burned out from running in circles for years, she decided to pick up a barbell for the first time in 2013, and she never turned back 🙂
Abby enjoys any CrossFit workout that involves a barbell, unless it’s thrusters.  Her favorite CrossFit workout is “Diane.”  Outside of CrossFit, Abby enjoys hiking Colorado’s beautiful 14er’s, White Claws, all things Harry Potter and spending time with her three dogs (Dobby, Luna & Blythe).

Coach Didi

Didi has been a CrossFit Military Affiliate owner for the last 7 years, previously at Fort Lee, Virginia and now on Fort Carson, Colorado. Didi is passionate about coaching and helping athletes of all levels achieve their training goals. On her free time you can find her hiking in the mountains, traveling around to try new foods, or on the couch having a movie marathon. 

Crossfit Kids

Coach Ray

Coach Ray has been involved in CrossFit since 2012 and has coached at several CrossFit facilities. He strives to be an excellent coach and connect with every person with which he comes into contact. He has witnessed a countless number of life transformations associated with CrossFit and he says, “it never gets old.”



 CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer

 Goal Certification (CrossFit)

Coach Mike

As a kid, Mike was never someone people would call athletic; sports were not exactly his “thing.” He did do fairly well at high school wrestling (at 6’2” and weighing in at 112lbs). Being a scrawny kid he never really spent any time or energy considering his nutrition or physical fitness.

At 30 years old, he was larger in the middle than he liked, and very much not in shape. Then, he was diagnosed with a medical condition that causes occasional irregular heart rate. He knew that it was time to do something. In 2013 Mike discovered CrossFit and it has changed his life. He is now fitter, stronger, and healthier than he’s ever been.


  •  CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  •  Full-Time Firefighter and Paramedic
  •  Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor

Coach Darla

Hey y’all! I am so excited to be back ‘home’ at NCS! A bit about me, I grew up in God’s country, otherwise known as Dallas, Texas. I love Jesus, my family, all things Chick Fil-A and Texas BBQ! I am a fair weather Dallas Cowboys fan…
My Active Duty Army husband, Paul, and I have been married thirteen years and have four kiddos and a dog named ’Mini’ Pearl (Eva is 12, Garrison is 10, Autri is 8 and our baby Cailyn is 6…Pearl is about 2. I drank the kool-aid and fell in love with CrossFit and the community at Fight Tonight CrossFit in Seoul, South Korea in 2015. That love grew when I got to Colorado and joined CrossFit NCS in 2017… I began coaching in the summer of 2018 and have enjoyed being able to introduce new athletes to this amazing cult called CrossFit. Most recently I have coached at the Military Affiliate CrossFit Aspis, located at SHAPE, Belgium. The NATO Headquarters is here so in any given class I might be the only American and coaching to people from six or seven other countries… talk about growing me as a coach!
Fun fact, I got to do my Level 1 Seminar at the famed CrossFit Ranch in Aromas, California where the first CrossFit Games were held in 2007!
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Kids
Bergener Weightlifting L1

Anne, Assistant GM

CrossFit??? (Insert record scratch here).  Wait, what? I get to learn something new?  It’s 2020, so no one should be surprised when something new pops up.  The surprise for me is that I really like it, and am kind of addicted to being dang sore and seeing what bruises pop up the next day.

 My background is loving anything outdoors, anything athletic, working with people.  When I was asked to come on staff at NCS, I couldn’t pass up meeting new people and skills and figuring out what all the buzz is about.  I currently spend my athletic time kickboxing and learning all things CrossFit.  I recover by hiking, petting my dogs and getting involved in shenanigans.  I’m an Irish girl at heart!

Coach Tim

Tim is coach, owner and GM of Crossfit NCS. A lifelong runner, Tim began his CrossFit journey eight years ago and has had a “healthy addiction” to it ever since. He can be found in the gym each day coaching, working out, and hanging out with the awesome community of athlets at CrossFit NCS.  Tim’s passion for the gym centers on helping others to find and embrace the life-altering impact of fitness in their lives, regardless of their age or athletic background. . 

A father of two, adult-ish humans, he’s also father to two adventure-loving dogs. Tim spends as much time in the mountains as possible (with aforementioned dogs) hiking and climbing to high altitudes.