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Nutrition Coaching

You can’t out-train a bad diet. If you’re going to put in the time to train with us, you want to see results. The right nutrition has many benefits far surpassing physique changes including: reduction in inflammation, exercise recovery, sleep, gut health, ability to focus, and much more. In fact, nutrition is the fundamental factor in successfully moving into or maintaining a state of wellness and fitness.

How will we help you use nutrition to achieve your fitness goals? 

  • By creating an attainable roadmap – You’re unique, and your nutrition plan needs to meet your lifestyle. It can be hard to do by yourself. Let us help.
  • By setting your nutrition plan according to your goals – Let our coaches help you break old habits and develop new ones to help you reach your personal goals.  Whatever they may be.
  • Accountability – we’ll check-in with you to review food & exercise logs, assess progress, modification as needed.
  • The role of hydration – Water plays a critical role in a body’s ability to effectively metabolize food. It’s also a fundamental need for proper wellness.
  • Macro tracking – What is it? Do I need to do it? How do I do it? If macro tracking what you need, we’ll help guide you through this to get you to your best level of fitness.
  • Portion control – But if it’s healthy food, why do I need to worry about how much I eat?  Do I really need to measure and weigh my food or is there a better way?

 Our goal is to arm you with the tools that you need no matter where you are on your fitness journey to successfully achieve your goals.  We can help you no matter what your goals and level of experience are: 

  • if you’re a beginner at this
  • if you’re looking to bust through a plateau
  • if you’re a seasoned athlete
  • or an individual training for a competition

 All programs will be catered to you as an individual, your level of fitness and nutrition knowledge and your specific goal.

 The NCS Nutrition Program includes:

 Initial assessment 

  • The initial assessment will be sent to you to be completed and returned to your coach prior to your first meeting.  Your coach will review and get any additional details at the first meeting.  This helps your coach set you up for success and is an initial benchmark for measuring progress.

Setting your nutrition plan based on your goals & your initial assessment

 Weekly check-in with your coach on a set date (phone or in person) 

Check in includes:

    • review of how it’s going – any wins, struggles, what’s working
    • any new education client needs
    • overview of what the upcoming week’s goals are
    • Q&A with your coach


Month-to-Month (no time commitment past the first month, can be cancelled at any time)

NCS members $25/week ($100/month)

non-members $30/week ($120/month)

 3-month commitment

NCS members $22.50/week ($90/month)

non-members $25/week ($100/month)

Got questions?  We’re here to help.  Reach out through FB Messenger or [email protected] to set up your appointment. Don’t wait. Get started today.

Coach Anne

Coach Anne believes that nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated.  Since we eat everyday, why make it harder than it has to be?  She focuses on a habit based approach of eating whole foods and helping her clients to understand that what you eat is nutrition for your lifestyle choices, a long term solution to achieving a healthy, active lifestyle.

PN – L1 certified nutrition coach

Coach Brynn

Coach Brynn brings a personal background of weight loss, hormone issues, and research into nutrition to her clients.  Brynn has a passion for working with a person’s strengths instead of working against weakness. I love being able to sit down one on one and figuring out how I can help you accomplish this!


Adaptive & Inclusive Training

PN – L1 Certified Nutrition Coach